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Festivals, events, exhibitions, special events

Things to Do in Province of Ferrara, Ferrara and Comacchio


Homage to the Duke 2013

The eight 'contrade', in their superb Renaissance costumes, pay homage to Borso d'Este

La Giostra del Borgo

Banquets, tournaments, stalls and shows from the 15th Century

Ferrara Balloons Festival 2013

Free balloon flights, competitions, and a spectacular night flight with lighted balloons

New Year's Celebration

New Year's Day in Ferrara is one of the most peculiar events in Italy: a big party in the city centre and the great fireworks show on the Castle.

Palio of Ferrara 2013

A month of celebrations, parades, flag-throwing competitions and a spectacular horse race in Piazza Ariostea

Al Gambar con la sciarpa

Village Fair with music and gourmet stand


Panarea 2012 - Festival of the Ferrara's bread

Panarea is a national festival dedicated to bread, pizza, piadina, pasta, bakery products, and traditional wheat-based products of Italian cuisine.


Beef Festival

The Festival takes place at the Giovannina Castle, at Cento.


Wine and food tastings and live music.

Cento Carnival

A grand celebration with carnival floats up to 20 metres high and hundreds of figurants in colourful costumes


Feast of San Cassiano

Traditional Village Fair in the beautiful historic centre of Comacchio.

Halloween in Comacchio

Magic, wichcrafs, gourmet food stalls with pumpkin-based dishes.


Sagra della Cozza (Mussel Fair)

Mussels fair dedicated to the famous Mussel from Goro

Fish Festival

Traditional event with good fish and localal specialties, which takes place in the picturesque setting of the Port of Gorino.

Clam Festival

The Festival of Venus clam has become an event of great importance, with its gastronomic stalls from all over Italy.

Jolanda di Savoia

Le giornate del Riso

Arts, sports, culture, entertainment, markets, entertainment and gastronomy in the renovated food stand.


Strawberry Festival

Every year in May, Lagosanto becomes the capital city of juicy and perfumed strawberry, loved by children and adults.


The Autumn Flavours

Tastings of dishes with various typical products of autumn (truffles, mushrooms, wines of the Eliceo Wood, asparagus, radicchio, pumpkin).


Zucca in Festa - Pumpkin Festival

Village fair dedicated to the traditional ferrarese pumpkin with stalls, tasting sessions, exhibitions events.

Poggio Renatico

Cappellaccio Festival

The festival offers the best local specialties. It will be possible to taste local recipes, especially cappellacci, one of the most popular dishes of the Ferrarese cuisine.


Festival of the truffle of Bosco Panfilia

The festival gives the opportunity to taste the prized white truffle and black truffle of excellent quality.

Tuber Magnatum Pico Festival

The autumn event with white truffles in the period of his full maturity.


Fruit Salad Festival

For over 10 years, this festival has attracted thousands of visitors, thanks to good food, live music, and a great firework show on the river.


Garlic Festival

The festival takes place in the ancient Delizia di Belriguardo.

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Festivals, events, exhibitions, special events

Comacchio and the 7 Lidi Ferraresi

  1. Lido di Volano
  2. Lido delle Nazioni
  3. Lido di Pomposa
  4. Lido degli Scacchi
  5. Porto Garibaldi
  6. Lido degli Estensi
  7. Lido di spina
  8. Comacchio

Itineraries, excursions, festivals and events

  1. Cycling, mountain biking: From the sea to the Comacchio lagoons
  2. The Valli di Comacchio - Po Delta Park
  3. Excursion by motorboat in the Valli di Comacchio
  4. Seaside resorts
  5. Museums and galleries in the province of Ferrara
  6. Handicrafts and shopping
  7. Festivals, events, exhibitions, special events
  8. Typical products
  9. Birdwatching in the Po Delta Park
  10. Thermae Oasis - Centro Termale e Benessere

Special events on the coast

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