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Typical products

Throughout the province

"Curly pie" or "Tagliatelle pie"

What can we say about this delicious pie? Its taste is as special as its shape!

Marinated "acquadelle"

"Acquadelle" is a small variety of seafish with silver scales.


Ferrara's fruit

Crossing the territory of the province, it is immediately apparent that this is predominantly area of countryside with abundant orchards.


Thanks to the sandy soil of the delta lands, cultivation of Radicchio has given excellent results for some years.


Salame ferrarese

This garlic salami that was first mentioned in Renaissance times is traditionally prepared from 30 November, the feast of St Andrew until the end of January and is made following the recipe handed down over the ages for preparing this type of sausage.

Salama 'da tai'

The "salama da tai" is a local speciality. This type of salami is produced in winter months and eaten after a long seasoning period in a fresh, airy and dark place.


Pasticcio di maccheroni

The 'Pasticcio ferrarese di maccheroni' has noble origins dating back centuries.

Mandorlini del ponte biscuits

Traditional biscuits of the Ferrarese area, they are named after Pontelagoscuro, a small town on the Po River banks, in the neighborhood of Ferrara.


Ferrarese Ciambella

A country shortbread with a lemon flavour, best served with local wines.


Snails were very popular in the Ferrarese countrysde. They were eaten during the summer, from June to September.



Frogs are really appreciated, due to their delicate meat. During the Middle Ages, in Italy and in France people used to eat frogs because they were easily captured from local fishermen.

Topino d'Ognissanti biscuit

The "All Saints' Mouse" is a very particular biscuit, shaped as a mouse, which is prepared in Comacchio on 1st and 2nd November only.


Garlic of Voghiera - DOP

Garlic plays an important role in many typical dishes of Ferrara because it matches many different tastes, especially fish dishes in the southern part of the region, as well as to season salamis and bacon.

The eel

In the southern part of the Province of Ferrara, and particularly in Comacchio, eels are more than a savoury dish, they represent an important economic and social factor.


The green asparagus of Altedo - IGP

In the province of Ferrara the Asparagus grows in ideal conditions particularly in the bordering region of Basso Ferrarese,...

Ferrarese Water Melon

From the early 1300's to the mid-1500's, water melons were served as a speciality at banquets at the court of the Este family.



Carrots have a preference for the temperate climate and soils of the plain, and the cool temperatures.

Ferrara's bread - IGP

The typical bread of Ferrara has recently received from the EU the I.G.P mark (Protected Geographical Identification).


Ferrarese Cappellacci with pumpkin

"Cappellacci di Zucca Ferraresi" were mentioned for the first time in recipe books dating back to the Renaissance period when these delicacies were prepared for members of the Este family.

Clams from Goro

Eating soft, tasty clams that smell of the sea at Goro is not just a gastronomic act: it's a real experience for your taste buds.


Throughout the province

Bosco Eliceo wines - DOC

Over the centuries, wine growing in Ferrara has always meant the Uva d'Oro vine, whose origins, it has been suggested, can be traced back to the Etruscans of the flourishing city of Spina.

The Zia ferrarese Salami

The origins of the "Zia Ferrarese" go back a very long way and can be traced mostly to the late Renaissance period.


Salama da sugo

The undiscussed symbol of Ferrara's gastronomy, the salamina, as it is affectionately called, 'though a dish to be served at Christmas, is always present on the table of gourmets.

Peach and Nectarine from Romagna - IGP

The areas around Ferrara that grow peaches and nectarines are as follows: Argenta, Cento, Codigoro, Massa Fiscaglia, Poggio Renatico, Portomaggiore, S. Agostino, Tresigallo, Voghiera.


Rice of the Delta - IGP

Rice cultivation in the area has started relatively recently.

Pear from Emilia-Romagna - IGP

The area of Ferrara overlooking the Po dominates pear production both in terms of quality and quantity.


Typical Melon from Emilia

News about melons grown in the Ferrarese countryside first came from Cristoforo da Messisbugo, master chef to the Este family, who recounted that this fruit was widely grown both in the city and the surrounding area.

Pampepato of Ferrara

Although Ferrara's Pampepato cake has a very special past, laced with a pinch of history and fragrant spices, it's not pepato (peppered) at all.


Torta tenerina or "tacolenta"

Tenerina pie is a traditional sweet from Ferrara. It is very flat, and it has a creamy heart.

Zabov - Zabaglione Egg Liquor

Zabov all'uovo is eggnog made with the traditional Italian recipe using milk, fresh egg yolks, sugar, a little alcohol, only 15° and it has a brandy flavour.



Cappelletti with broth are a traditional recipe of Ferrarese cuisine.


Pumpkins with a bright orange-colour flesh, sweet and firm, grow in a soil with unique organoleptic characteristics granting an excellent quality.



The alluvial soils and the presence of the right kind of trees make the Alto Ferrarese excellent for producing truffles,..

Bondiola salami

The "bondiola" from Poggio Renatico is a pork sausage, flavoured with various spices.


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Typical products

Comacchio and the 7 Lidi Ferraresi

  1. Lido di Volano
  2. Lido delle Nazioni
  3. Lido di Pomposa
  4. Lido degli Scacchi
  5. Porto Garibaldi
  6. Lido degli Estensi
  7. Lido di spina
  8. Comacchio

Itineraries, excursions, festivals and events

  1. Cycling, mountain biking: From the sea to the Comacchio lagoons
  2. The Valli di Comacchio - Po Delta Park
  3. Excursion by motorboat in the Valli di Comacchio
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  10. Thermae Oasis - Centro Termale e Benessere

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