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Museums and galleries in the province of Ferrara

Recommended attractions for your weekend cultural



The Jews' presence in Ferrara dates back at least until the 12th Century and thanks to the religious tolerance of the Este family the community grew, welcoming refugee groups of Ashkenazi from the German Empire territories and later, Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal.

Giovanni Boldini Museum

The Boldini Museum is dedicated to the Ferrarese painter who lived between 1842 and 1931.

Pavilion of Contemporary Art

The PCA, Pavilion of Contemporary Art, hosts temporary exhibitions displaying outstanding works of art by international artists.

Museum of rural life

The Museum of rural life was created through the cooperation of Mr. Guido Scaramagli and the Municipality of Ferrara.

Museum of Natural History

The museum offers the visitor a broad review of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, invertebrates and insects covering branches of the natural sciences such as zoology (the ornithological collection is particularly well-endowed) and entomology.

National Picture Gallery

Created in 1836, the Picture Gallery was the first public collection of Ferrarese paintings, put together to bring a halt to the dispersion of local artistic patrimony by setting up a modern museum in which to conserve and promote Ferrara's art and culture.

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum of Ferrara is sited in the ex church of San Romano. It forms part of the Civic Museums of Ancient Art and mostly holds objects belonging to the Cathedral.

Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery

The Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery houses important, prestigious temporary exhibitions organised in collaboration with Ferrara Arte,...

National Archaeological Museum

The museum, housed on the first floor of the Palazzo Costabili, exhibits the findings of the Etruscan city of Spina...

Museum of Ancient Art

Situated in the 14th-century wing of the Palazzo Schifanoia since 1898, it houses works of a various nature including paintings, manuscripts, small bronzes, objects in ivory and decorated ceramics.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 'Filippo De Pisis'

Exposition begins with two works by Mario Sironi: Justice and Mural Composition.

Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza

The museum guests rare and precious testimonies of the partecipation of the ferraresi patriots in the epic deed of the Italian Risorgimento.

Museo dell'Ottocento

The Museum of the Ottocento begins with three rooms chiefly dedicated to religious subjects (Giovanni Pagliarini Madonna and Child) and historical ones (Gaetano Turchi Torquato Tasso in Sant'Anna).

Jewish Museum

In the Jewish Museum there is an exhibition of traditional and ceremonial objects that illustrate different aspects of the life of every Jew, from birth (pidyón, or redemption, and objects for circumcision) to death (fragments of tombstones and wooden blocks placed in graves).

Lapidary Museum

The Lapidary Museum, housed in the ex-church of Santa Libera, has a rich collection of Roman works in marble from the province of Ferrara.


Valli di Argenta Museum

The Casino di Campotto is a rural building situated at the entrance to the Oasis in via Cardinala.

Water scooping plant of Saiarino and Museum of Land Reclamation

The Museo della Bonifica, situated at the Saiarino Pumping Station is an exemple of an industrial archaeology museum, where you can admire the complex mechanical system of land reclamation of the early 1900s.

Civic Museum

The Civic Museum of Argenta, opened in 1973 in the church of San Domenico, is home to the picture gallery...


Museo Civico Archeologico "G. Ferraresi"

The new museum documents the rich history of Bondeno's territory.

Civic Gallery "G. Cattabriga"

Galileo Cattabriga (1901-1969), a painter well known also outside Bondeno, gave his name to the museum housed in a warehouse in the rear of Teodoro Bonati's birthplace.


Municipal Gallery

The Municipal Gallery is housed in a Eighteenth-century building. In 1839 the works of the Gallery were first exhibited inside the palace,...

Gallery of Modern Art "A. Bonzagni"

The Gallery of Modern Art in Cento, dedicated to the Centese painter Aroldo Bonzagni (1887-1918), was created thanks to the artist's sister who, since the 1960s donated important works to the municipal picture gallery both by his brother and by other artists related to him.

Sandro Parmeggiani Museum

In 1995 the donation of several paintings of the artist Sandro Parmeggiani, gave birth to a museum dedicated to him...


The Pickling Factory

The imposing eel pickling factory at Comacchio has reopened its doors.

Museum of Contemporary Art "Remo Brindisi"

In viale Nicolò Pisano, not far from the beach, at Lido di Spina there is the splendid and modern villa - museum of the contemporary painter Remo Brindisi, who loved to spend here his leisure time.

Museum of the Roman Ship

The Roman Ship Museum is dedicated to Comacchio's Roman ship, an important archaeological find made in 1981 at Valle Ponti a few kilometres from the lagoon city.


Museum "La Tratta"

This museum was set up in an 18th century farmhouse in 1988 and houses exhibits relating to the traditions and culture of the Copparo area.

Museo Villa Bighi

Villa Bighi was built in 1963 by the eclectic artist Dante Bighi who used it as his home and gallery.


The Wood and Deer Museum of Mesola

The Wood and Deer Museum is located in the reception rooms of the Castle of Estense di Mesola.


Trot Centre

The Trot Centre (Centro del Trotto) conserves an impressive collection, unique in Italy, of documents, prints, mementoes and objects on the discipline of trot racing of great historical-documentary interest.


Museum of the Territory

The Civic Museum of the Territory of Ostellato received the Museums of Quality Recognition based on the standards and objectives of quality of the Emilia-Romagna Region.


Archaeological Museum: the Necropolis of the Fadieni Family

The museum is located in the rooms of the Delizia del Verginese.


Museum Ferruccio Lamborghini

This centre houses all the activities and production lines for the celebrated automobile company, ...


Museum of historical modelling

The museum is divided into different sections. One of the main attractions is the exceptional railway model, still working.

Civic Museum of Belriguardo

The museum is situated in the area near the tower at the entrance to Belriguardo Palace and it is divided in three sections: Archaeology, Renaissance and Modern Art.

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Museums and galleries in the province of Ferrara


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