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Handicrafts and shopping

Shopping in town you can take back home a piece of Ferrara and profit the different opportunities offered by shops and local department stores

Graffito Ceramic

The Renaissance art of graffito ceramic continues nowadays in the workshop of Ferrara and its province, with the same technique and creative skill of the ancients times. After four centuries, a group of ceramist have revived the tradition of graffito ceramic, an important Ferrara cultural expression that developed at the Este court during the 15th and 16th centuries. The amazing practice of incision and the use of few primitive colours that the flame melt and flades creating particular chromatic effect, are the principal characterist of graffito ceramic, which decorative motifs are symbols, character and court scenes.

Music instruments

Ferrara, cradle of instrumental music during 14th and 15th centuries drawing several artists from all over Europe, still boasts some important workshops specialized in organs production and ancient instruments restoration. Two of the lute-maker of the city also produce contrabasses and mandolins.


Besides the graffito ceramic, also the terracotta represents a traditional product. Beautiful are the hand-painting fairclay crafts, which show up the cute whistles with animal shape. Most of the workshop are located in the city-centre of Ferrara.


Anything can be purchased in the city centre, around the Cathedral and in the streets nearby: Via San Romano, flanked by arcades, Via Cortevecchia, Corso Porta Reno and Via Garibaldi. It is the traditional commercial area, where shops have lined the streets since ancient times. Nowadays, however, many shops offering a wide range of items are scattered all over the city, or are located in the big and elegant shopping centres in the outskirts of Ferrara.
For those who love to buy from Street stalls, Ferrara offers two weekly markets, extending over large areas and allowing a great choice, both in quality and price. Every month, the antique and the handicrafts markets have become a rendez-vous for enthusiasts.

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Handicrafts and shopping

Comacchio and the 7 Lidi Ferraresi

  1. Lido di Volano
  2. Lido delle Nazioni
  3. Lido di Pomposa
  4. Lido degli Scacchi
  5. Porto Garibaldi
  6. Lido degli Estensi
  7. Lido di spina
  8. Comacchio

Itineraries, excursions, festivals and events

  1. Cycling, mountain biking: From the sea to the Comacchio lagoons
  2. The Valli di Comacchio - Po Delta Park
  3. Excursion by motorboat in the Valli di Comacchio
  4. Seaside resorts
  5. Museums and galleries in the province of Ferrara
  6. Handicrafts and shopping
  7. Festivals, events, exhibitions, special events
  8. Typical products
  9. Birdwatching in the Po Delta Park
  10. Thermae Oasis - Centro Termale e Benessere

Special events on the coast

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